Semi Permanent Lip Treatments

Lip Liner –
  • Lip liner is perfect if you want to outline and define your lips, this is a very popular choice for people who find that the colour of their lips fades out in certain areas around the edge, and for those of you who feel your lips lack symmetry, putting your lippy onto already lined lips has never been so easy!

Lip Liner and Blush –
  • Just like the lip liner treatment you will have your lips lined and perfected but instead of leaving a definite line we will blend it into your lip creating a natural effect, this is the most popular of lip treatments, if you want a subtle colour injection this could be the one for you!

Lip Liner and Full Colour –
  • This treatment involves a full lining and perfecting of the lips and full colour, a variety of colours can be chosen and discussed at your consultation, if your always in lips and hate being without it then this is the one for you!