Micro-infusion is a brand new facial treatment, you may have recently heard it being referred to as the botox facial or as Kim K’s new red carpet facial!

So what is it?

Micro-infusion is a facial that is done by using a small needling device that you can fill up with your choice of serums and products, the top of the bottle is covered with tiny hairline gold plated needles that is pressed into your skin and allows your chosen ‘cocktail’ to penetrate the skin, its an amazing facial that offers the treatment of various skin concerns and is most known for giving the skin that ‘celebrity glow’.

The treatment comes with its own serum that is friendly to all skin types, but for extra benefit you can choose extra boosters that we have created to personalise the treatment such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Acne treatment, Anti-wrinkle treatment (Botox) and even dermal filler!

If your interested in booking a treatment get in touch today for your free no obligation consultation, here we will discuss the treatment itself and what it entails, your skin and what you want to achieve, the various boosters and our preferred cocktails and of course for treatment safely we will be happy answer any questions you may have, along with completing a full medical history consultation.

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