semi permanent eyebrows

Natural Brush Stroke –
  • For a really natural look enhance your eyebrows with finely drawn natural hair strokes, this can achieve a fuller more defined brow with the perfect shape that looks just like your own hair, perfect if you don’t like like too much definition.

Fusion Effect –
  • This effect gives you the combination of natural hair strokes and powder, starting at the beginning of the brow with very natural hair strokes and getting more divined and intense towards the end of the brow, this effect is perfect for someone who like to look natural with a stronger look.

Powder Brow –
  • Powder brow achieves the look that you get from applying makeup, it gives a filled in eyebrow that always looks perfect! if you are never without your eyebrow makeup then this could be the one for you!

Part Brow –
  • This is a widely used technique for people that just need a little tweaking of their current brows, using your own eyebrow we can alter and perfect shape, add colour, lift an arch, or just add some natural strokes to create fullness in those sparser areas.

If you are thinking of getting your eyebrows tweaked or totally remodeled call today for more in-depth information or book you consultation!