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We are proud to be stockists of the amazing Eve Taylor Skincare Collection, we use these products alongside all of our advanced facials and also provide the full range of Eve Taylor Facials! If you are interested in purchasing some products please feel free to call in for a free skincare consultation so that we can analyse your skin and prescribe the best skincare for you, or better yet if you have never tried the products why not book a relaxing prescription facial and try them on before you buy!

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The RevitaLash Story

RevitaLash is a lash-enhancing serum that promotes eyelash growth without having to mess with the stress of eyelash extensions. The proprietary blend of natural botanicals and scientifically-advanced technology helps protect against breakage and brittleness and improves moisture and shine of eyelashes.

The company was started in 2006 when RevitaLash co-founder Gayle Brinkenhoff was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 32. Gayle and her husband, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, created a unique eyelash conditioner to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer. Sadly, Gayle lost her battle in 2013, but Michael has carried her spirit through to develop an entire collection that revitalizes natural beauty.

Now in its 11th year, RevitaLash Cosmetics is sold throughout the world, in over 50 countries. And while the company grows, philanthropic endeavors remain at the heart of the company, including direct financial support for breast cancer research and educational initiatives.

“Often we feel helpless when someone we love is suffering,” said RevitaLash co-founder Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff. “I am very fortunate, in my own small way, to have been able to help Gayle through her recovery. Watching her be excited about her beautiful looking eyelashes has been a real joy.”

Why we love it?

Rivitalash is an amazing lash growth product, its a serum that is used on the lashes just once a day, (I like to use mine before bed) it thickens, darkens and lengthens your lashes, once you try it you will be hooked! We love that the product has such a deep meaningful backstory, it’s also something that is very close our hearts.

Since launching Rivitalash the brand has now launched a whole new range of products all around growing and strengthening hair. They have created really impressive brow serum called Rivitabrow, this is great for growing brows out that have been over plucked or brows that are thinning, there are also makeup products including brow defining makeup, mascara and eyeliner! and even shampoos and conditioners all based around strengthening, thickening and growing the hair!

Here at LS Aesthetics we stock the Rivitalash and the Rivitabrow but for those of you interested we can order in any of the other products too.

Rivitalash 2ml – £65

Rivitalash 3.5ml – £95

Rivitabrow 3.5ml -£95

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