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8 Things You Should Be Doing For Beautiful Skin

Cleanse, tone moisturise!! And… Exfolaite!!

So you wouldn’t believe the amount of people I speak to on a daily basis that have many skin concerns and when I ask them their skin routine they reply with… wait for it… “soap” yes soap, so many people are still using soap on their skin and the damage it does to the skin is unreal, soap is drying, ageing, it causes spots by drying the skin out so much the body tries to fight the dryness and over produces oil causing blemishes and blocked pores. Even if you’re not using soap, are you really doing enough with your skin? When your really young and your skin looks amazing anyway you probably don’t feel the need to fork out on skin products that don’t really change the way your skin looks but it’s not until later on that you see the damage that all that neglect caused, trust me on that one! Get yourself a cleanser or facial wash to kindly remove your makeup, a toner to keep it fresh and a great moisturiser to keep it hydrated, it’s just as important to get a good exfoliator and exfoliate your skin twice weekly or more depending on the chosen product, exfoliating your skin is a great way to remove dead skin cells, help your skin regenerate and also aids absorption of your moisturiser, you may think your moisturiser is too oily but it may just be that your skin could do with a good exfoliation!


Oh I wish I had listened to the older people who told me to wear sunscreen, the ones who warned me of the ageing power of the sun. Growing up I loved and still to this day love to be bronzed and brown, it’s all fun and games when your young and frying yourself in your back garden. Sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare routine, on a daily basis even if it is raining we should still be wearing sunscreen, as harmful UV rays penetrate through the clouds and still cause sun damage to our skin, not only is this dangerous to our health but also very ageing for the skin, sun damaged skin brings out pigmentation, dryness and in some cases an almost leathery appearance, do yourself a favour and just take two minutes to apply it over your moisturiser, it doesn’t take long and it really does matter.

Washing your makeup of before bed

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Then why do we leave it on! Leaving makeup on in the night will cause breakouts and congestion, in the night our skin is working repairing its self from the day and it will quite literally drink your makeup right off your face, especially if you have been drinking alcohol, and lets face it alcohol is the reason we all offend, forget to wash our faces and wake up looking less ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and more ‘Harley Quinn’. It’s not just the makeup that causes the breakouts, throughout the day even if you don’t wear makeup bacteria and all sorts of stuff like food and dust will be on our faces, sleeping in that is not good for our skin, just washing your face before bed could rid you of blemishes you didn’t even know you had coming.

Washing your hands before washing your face

This one is quite commonly forgotten or not even thought of, throughout the day we touch everything, and the things we have touched have been touched millions of times by other people, the transfer of germs is uncountable, but when we go to wash our faces at the end of the day, we should most definitely start by washing all of that unthought of bacteria off our hands so that we are effectively cleaning our faces in preparation for our moisturiser. So that we are not transferring and trapping germs into our skin.

Touching your skin

Again when thought about in great detail it seems obvious that we shouldn’t continuously touch or scratch and pick our skin, germs that are on our hands and underneath our fingernails from touching public door ways, surfaces that others touch or plain human contact live on our hands until we wash them, now I’m not saying we should all become OCD and wash every time we touch something or somebody, but we should be mindful of our face and not touch it all the time, this can lead to imperfections and skin infections.

 Changing your pillow case 

You change your pyjamas every other night or so, so why not treat your pillowcase with the same respect, your face lies on that pillow each night, you may dribble, sneeze cough, just generally breathe all over it that without counting sweating, touching it with your hands and dead skin shedding all over it, if you have a dirty pillowcase washing your skin a thousand times isn’t going to do any good while lying on a dirty pillowcase each night.

Drink plenty of water

It’s a well know fact we know we should be drinking more water, water flushes out toxins in our body keeps our digestive system clean and in turn our skin clean too, obviously it has all sorts of other amazing benefits like caring for all of our organs and oh yeah – ‘keeping us alive’ but yet again we already know we should be doing it, i’m not going to write an essay on what we already know – so stop it, drink some water.

  Keeping a regular facial appointment 

This one may seem unnecessary to you after all if you are looking after your skin at home and following all of these steps then why would you need to book a regular facial – well… its more about maintenance of the skin, you may have issues with your skin that need identifying and resolving, if this isn’t the case then a check up for your skin is required to keep it in check, your aesthetician will be able to spot subtle differences or changes in your skin that need assistance before you have even noticed them, noticing these differences soon can prevent breakouts and rashes, premature ageing through dehydrated and drying skins. You wouldn’t skip your dental appointment and you don’t just visit the dentist when you have a problem, you look after your teeth so in turn you should show your skin the same respect! It is the largest organ ours bodies have after all!

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