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Semi Permanent Makeup Today

Semi Permanent makeup has blown up! All of sudden its everywhere despite the fact that it has been going on for years! Dating back as far as the Ancient Egyptians! As we all know Cleopatra sported a very darkened defined eyeliner and eyebrow look, but what we didn’t know was that some of that makeup was actually a form of cosmetic tattooing, back then of course it would have been done using some sort of manual creation, and I imagine a very painful and gruelling process, no numbing cream, god knows what sort of pigment, and the practice of piercing the skin in what I cant imagine was a very sterile environment. But who knows! Thank goodness for pharmaceutical grade pigments, sterile needles and lets not forget that ever so friendly numbing cream!


The first machine reportedly to be created was by a ‘Samuel O’ Seilly’ of New York in 1980, and in the USA a Dr. Crowell Beard who was an occupational Surgeon and was the first person recorded to perform a permanent eyeliner procedure, tattooing the eyeliner as a replacement for loss of eyelashes. Can you just imagine being the first person ever to have eyeliner tattooed on!? Very brave indeed.

So we know that its been around for years, but why all of a sudden is it everywhere? Almost being treated as something new.

There are a few factors I have considered –

Fashion – makeup is very in, not that it wasn’t before but as I recall around ten years ago having zero eyebrow, only waring foundation, lots of blusher, mascara and pearl pink lip gloss with glitter. (Shudders at the thought) Back then and I don’t mean to speak for everyone but most of us didn’t know what we were doing and we didn’t really care either, I actually was a beautician at this time and still got it very wrong. Makeup has grown so much in the last ten years that now you can completely change your face with it, and with the growth and fashion changes so did the eyebrow, what once was fashionable to just have just a thin line of a brow on your face is now the complete opposite and thicker more natural and defined eyebrows are very desirable, with this brings a surge of people from years of constant over plucking who now need their eyebrows repaired with the aid of cosmetic tattooing, some that require a fuller more defined brow or just want to make their lives a tad easier by having their brows perfect all the time without having to pencil them daily. Maybe this is you?

Social Media – The increase of different platforms of social media has gone wild and with that so has vanity, people are posting hundreds of ‘selfies’ all over the world per minute and with this comes the need to look perfect. I don’t think ever before has there Been such a need to enhance the way we look as there is at this current time. Although some of that sounds negative there are upsides of how powerful social media can be and sharing pictures of people who have lost eyebrow hair etc.. through illness and then Been able to undergo a cosmetic tattooing procedure to help them improve how they feel about themselves is a pretty amazing thing.

Social Acceptance – another major reason for growth is how acceptable it has become to be individual, you can now be and look exactly as you want without (too much) judgement. The world has grown and developed a far more open minded outlook on people expressing themselves through their appearance. This is one of my favourite things about today – each to their own.

All these factors attribute to the way semi permanent makeup is viewed today, the way I see semi permanent makeup is as an enhancement of your own natural beauty, I prefer to work with the features you have and perfect them. For example one of my favourite procedures is the lash enhancement I offer, this is a tattooed line right into the lash line very close to the waterline and makes your lashes look fuller, thicker and darker. Making your eye colour pop the way it does when you wear mascara. I also love using semi permanent makeup to correct symmetry in eyebrows and lips. Another one of my favourite things is how people don’t realise how big their lips actually are! So many of us have loss of lip pigmentation towards the corners and outer edges of our lips and just filling this with a little natural to your lip colour can really enhance the appearance making them appear fuller, plumper, more symmetrical and more defined! For me Semi Permanent Makeup is not a ‘replacement’ of makeup, it’s to enhance your features so that you feel better when your not wearing it, but it isn’t a replacement of heavy makeup. Fashion changes and with that so does makeup and beauty trends, cosmetic tattooing shouldn’t be regrettable and able to be outdated. My top tip is to keep it natural and keep it simple!

In terms of where we are today? I think we are in a pretty wonderful place with the combination of new makeup techniques and products that are the best they have ever been!

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